Podcasting Unwrapped - Your Podcast Launch Solution

I'm betting you probably love what you're doing and if you're anything like me, you'd do it for free... but the realities of life include mortgages, utilities, groceries and other essentials. It's just the way it is. So, we work.

As one of the "lucky" ones, you get to do what you love and call it your business. It affords you things like freedom, the ability to control your schedule and express your creativity. And with great freedom comes great responsibility - the business side of doing business; sales, marketing, accounting and did I mention sales...

As someone with multiple businesses, I understand the value of sales and marketing and I'm sure you do too. But, wouldn't you like to have an evergreen marketing solution that does that for you? Or perhaps you'd like to develop a product that "sells itself" - even while you sleep? What if you had both???

Start a radio show with podcast and you can have both!

What will you talk about? You'll share your experience, expertise, opinions and thoughts about:

Dating · Relationships · Love · Marriage · Sex · Parenting · Health · Wellness · Medicine · Alternative Health Care · Beauty · Aging · Self Help · Education · Diet · Exercise · Cooking · Nutrition · Business Development · Entertainment · Travel · Leisure · Lifestyle · Gardening · Fashion · Home Design · Clearing Clutter · Inspiration · Spirituality · Religion · Philosophy · Sports · Hobbies · Retirement · Pet Care · Organizing · Leadership · Sales & Marketing · Personal Development · Money · Consumer Trends · Culture · Art & Literature · The Paranormal · Women's Issues · just about anything else you can imagine!

And you'll do it in a simple - nonsalesy - education based marketing way; sharing what you do, why you do it and the path you took to get there. It's the most powerful way to share your brand with the world. Then we'll integrate targeted, content based marketing and social proof into the mix. You'll even have other people (hosts and guests) sharing why what you do is so fabulous!  

And yes, you can invite other experts to join you on air as your guest! We'll show you how to do that. We'll even show you some of the ways to make money with your podcast. We have 20 different ways to monetize your podcast before we even get to sponsors, so we'll share that too. 

I know participating in expo's, shows and events is hard work. There's often great cost involved and not just the $$$ to participate. There's the energy and effort that you spend; planning, travel, schlepping, time away from the office and your family, hotels, etc. And that's providing the stars align and all things go according to plan. I've been to events where speakers, staff and booth participants were practically the only attendees. I once flew cross country for just such an event... that felt like a huge waste of lipstick.

Let us make it easier for you.

Let us make the business side of  your business easier for you. Stop paying for marketing and publicity, when you can so very easily build and launch your own. Learn to re-purpose your content and save time and money, while you create an evergreen marketing plan designed to convert sales, build a bigger platform and connect with a dedicated digital audience.

I don't know about you - but I can't wait to get started!



Kimberly, Frankie & the Entire Production Team

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"Podcasters and advertisers alike have long suspected that their listeners might just be a holy grail of engagement. The medium is inherently intimate, and easily creates a one-sided feeling of closeness between listener and host—the sense that the person talking into your ear on your commute is someone you know, whose product recommendations you trust, and whose work you want to support."
Miranda Katz (Wired.com)

podcasting unwrapped

You have to promote your brand,
We've found a way to make it fun and easy!

We'll help you expand your media library - with valuable content and a product you own. You'll increase your visibility, make more sales, invite JV and partner opportunities, while simultaneously creating content that lives forever on the internet.

This is a fantastic way to try internet radio and podcast marketing!

Get evergreen marketing and...

  • Position your experience, expertise, thoughts and opinions to convert sales
  • Promote your business comfortably and conversationally
  • Create professionally produced media for your website
  • Benefit from a 12 month distribution, syndication and advertising package - iTunes, LiJLNetwork, etc.
  • Learn how to promote yourself to other media outlets
  • Turn your content into a product
  • Help listeners get the relevant expert information they need while doing what you love - sharing your story, building your business and making money

As a business owner, you understand the value of marketing and advertising. You also know exposure is part of the marketing conversation you have to participate in, in order to keep your sales funnel filled.

You may have tried other platforms and formats, but this is the one -
Internet Radio & Podcast Syndication - is the one that makes the biggest impact, with the least effort, for the longest period of time at the best price. It really is the sweet spot!

Compare to newspaper published ad costs

Your Program Overview

Get the brand exposure your business needs
with LiJL Internet radio and podcast syndication


Marketing Review and Strategy Call - 1:1 Call (45 min)

After you complete your marketing assessment, we'll take a look at where you are in your business, what your current and long-term goals are, then we'll make our recommendations for your feature episodes and CTA (call to action) for your series.

Sound Fabulous on Air – Webinar & Live Q&A (60 min)

We’ll show you exactly what it takes to make your show run smoothly and sound fabulous; the automations, the equipment, the templates we use to book guests, manage scheduling, etc.

Create a Compelling Brand  – Webinar & Live Q&A (60 min)

We’ll review the items we need to create your show page. You’ll learn the best strategies for creating a compelling podcast brand. You’ll also learn how to promote your show with graphics that look polished and professional.

Dress Rehearsal - Group Call (30 min)

Get ready to sound like a polished, professional radio show host. We'll do a sound check to make sure your equipment works the way you want it to. You'll get production notes to help you develop your own style.  

The Value of Quality Production - Webinar & Live Q&A (60 min)

This is where you get your notes, content and guests to work for you but only if you do it right. You'll learn to put all the pieces together to create your marketing plan and with the automations you learned in week two, you'll cut your pre and post production time to under an hour. 

Marketing  – Webinar & Live Q&A (60 min)

We pull back the curtain and show you our marketing magic. You'll be able to apply the sparkle to your other works too! You'll promote your show to your tribe, benefit from cross promotion efforts and learn how to be an irresistible interview subject for other hosts. More bookings means more exposure.

Product Incubator – Webinar & Live Q&A (60 min)

We'll show you how to turn your show series into a book, blog series or digital product. You’ll learn how to re-purpose your content for wider reach and increased sales.

Your Launch Strategy – Live Show (30 min)

You’ll participate as a guest on one or more shows in order to launch your upcoming show. You’ll benefit from cross promotion and an established audience.

Go Live  – Your shows (30 min x12)

It's all you! And a guest if you choose. This is what you've been working towards - you now own and produce a live internet radio show with podcast optimized - evergreen - marketing that you can turn into an income producing product.

How It Works

Imagine you have a trusted colleague, coach and mentor who knows how to help you share your content in a compelling way. One who encourages listeners to join you as customers, utilizing your compelling content. No need to be pushy, spend a ton of time or a bundle of money. We'll launch a content based marketing strategy that will provide your business 12 months of advertising. Imagine a full year sharing your program, product or service with thousands of listeners.

You'll learn exactly what I learned from experts and industry leaders during our weekly Live Webinars. Participate in dynamic group discussions and enjoy 1:1 time to focus on your personal marketing and broadcasting needs.

Unable to make the live calls?  We'll provide immediate access to the recorded sessions for your convenience.

BEFORE Training Begins - Marketing Review and Strategy Call - 1:1 Call (45 min)

Week 1
Sound Fabulous on Air – Webinar & Live Q&A (60 min)
Create a Compelling Brand  – Webinar & Live Q&A (60 min)

Week 2
Dress Rehearsal - Group Call (30 min)
The Value of Quality Production - Webinar & Live Q&A (60 min)

Week 3
Marketing  – Webinar & Live Q&A (60 min)
Product Incubator – Webinar & Live Q&A (60 min)

Week 4
Your Launch Strategy – Live Show (30 min)
Go Live  – Your first 2 of 12 shows (60 min)

After Training Ends - You'll schedule the remaining shows directly with your producer

Every other Sunday (schedule may vary)
30-minute live chat and AMA (ask me anything) on FB

Where Do You Want to Focus?

Product Creation

Ideal if you want to take content you already have and turn it into a 12 episode series and digital product. This is your product development incubator and workshop, launch strategy and evergreen marketing package.

It's perfect for sharing your training, product line, services, book, coaching work, blog, etc. as a consumable product.

You’ll join the Webinars and group calls LIVE and get the recorded sessions and materials delivered digitally.

  • Host development
  • Show development
  • Product development
  • Learn pre & post production 
  • 12 (30-min) episodes
  • Show page with appropriate links
  • Bumpers, intro & outro 
  • 10K Total impression guarantee
  • 12 Week social media promo
  • Product and content you own

Total value: $7,437
On air: 12 episodes
Training: 8+ hours
Coaching: 45 minutes
Impressions: 10K
Distribution & Syndication: 12m
Social Promotion: 12w
Online Community Access: 6m

Social Marketing

You want to create a 12 episode series and digital product. You're loving the concept of using our time together as scheduled time for your product development, content creation, launch and evergreen marketing.

You're excited to share your training, product line, services, book, coaching work, blog, etc. Plus you want to add Podcast Host & Producer to your credentials. And you want to use social sharing to build a bigger platform for your business while converting sales. 

You’ll join the Webinars and group calls LIVE and get the recorded sessions and materials delivered digitally.

  • Product Creation Content +
  • More social promotion
  • More online community access
  • 1 (30-min) guest appearance
  • 1 (30-sec) recorded show promo to air weekly x12
  • 15 Custom branded social share templates; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Pinterest. 3 each delivered in jpg format.
  • 1 (30-min) Coaching call 

Total value: $15,212
On air: 12 episodes +1 guest appearance
Ad Insertion: 12w
Training: 8+ hours
Coaching: 1.25 hours
Impressions: 10K
Distribution & Syndication: 12m
Done for You Content: 15 custom templates
Social Promotion: 12m
Online Community Access: 12m

Podcast Building

You want to create a 12 episode series and digital product. You're loving the concept of using the training as dedicated time to complete your product development, digital content creation, launch and evergreen marketing.

Yes, you're excited to share your training, product line, services, book, coaching work, blog, etc. You want to add Talk Show Host, Podcast Host & Producer to your credentials.  And you want to use social sharing to build a bigger platform and convert sales. 

More importantly, you want your own podcast. You want to learn everything you need to know to make it as successful as possible. You see this as an opportunity to learn in a nurturing environment as you build your actual product - both the digital and the radio show. You'll use this series as a pilot for your BIG show launch.

You’ll join the Webinars and group calls LIVE and get the recorded sessions and materials delivered digitally.

  • Social Marketing Content +
  • More social promo
  • Longer private community access
  • Eight times the ad insertion package
  • Additional coaching (Program|Product|Performance)
  • Even more impressions
  • Double the distribution and syndication
  • 1 (30-min) Product launch interview

Value: $21,712
On air: 12 episodes +2 guest appearances
Ad Insertion: 96w
Training:  8+ hours
Coaching: 3 hours
Impressions: 20K
Distribution & Syndication: 24m
Done for You Content: 15 custom templates
Social Promotion: 24m
Online Community Access: 24m

Other Podcast training programs give you theory, best practice strategies and concepts to work from. That's perfectly acceptable and for many people, that's more than enough to launch with. So yeah, we'll do that for you.

"But then what..."

That's where we go the extra mile. We'll pull back the curtain; invite you backstage, show you the ropes, support you in a host role, give you radio production credit, put you in front of the mic, on air with our listeners, share our marketing magic and include a full year of support, distribution and syndication.

Share your message - Broadcast it to the world.

Connect with your listeners as you move them from awareness -> interest -> desire -> action with the content you share on air. Statistical data now shows it takes 8-12 touches to bring a new client to the table.  You'll find new clients weekly, better yet, they'll find you!

Podcast optimized marketing is the secret sauce that keeps your sales funnel filled. This is the rinse and repeat portion of your work. The part that keeps engaging new listeners 24/7/365.

LiJLNetwork.com podcast hosting

Then There's...

What happens when you tell other people you host a talk show. The moment you tell people that you have your own live Internet radio show it separates you from the pack. It establishes your presence as a thought leader and as an expert. It differentiates your brand. And frankly, it opens doors!

Being the host of an Internet Radio Show gets you access industry experts, influencers and other thought leaders. Oh, and this leverage expands into so many other arenas.

Our hosts, guests and guest hosts at LiJL Media have found that having professionally produced media content like - an internet radio series with syndicated podcast distribution -  allows them to expand their business and increase their brand value.

  • Reach more people with your message - We guarantee distribution to a minimum of 10,000 listeners. And we'll continue your distribution for a full 12 months - even if you reach your download guarantee in the first week! Imagine the reach you'll have with a full year of distribution.
  • Strengthen your communication skills - Live radio does that. It makes you a master of communication if you weren't already. You'll be able to convey your message in a clear, concise and effortless manner - and at a moment's notice.
  • Develop a dedicated following by allowing people to download podcasts - the value of listeners who actively seek you out is tremendous, they want what you're offering! This is where doing a series of 3 or more episodes really gets exciting, remember - each episode has that same minimum distribution guarantee.



  • Create additional real estate you own, adding additional places you can be found on the internet - social media is great, but your real estate is where you will really influence your tribe. Having guest blog content (we strongly recommend you take advantage of this option), your features on our sites and your guest host page expands your reach to new audiences.
  • Reach beyond your current circle of influence by interviewing, sharing the mic and your content with other guest experts - their followers tune in time and time again and YOU are the common denominator. They'll love you too!
  • Improve SEO with articles about your shows and guest experts - when people are searching for your topic, area of expertise or guest, your content will show up and you'll be influencing potential clients even while you sleep.
  • Strengthen your personal brand by allowing listeners in to your world - when people know you, like you and trust you - they want to do business with you. You'll build those relationships. You'll share your experience, expertise, opinions and your unique personality.
  • Develop additional revenue streams while building on your foundational business - learn how to monetize your media content while you're promoting and growing your business. You'll create programs, products and services based on your content.
  • Stand out as an expert and thought leader - You are a media personality! You'll be generating media about you and your business on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Turn your content into a product - create, market and sell your work easily and effortlessly.