Make Money with Your Podcast

Major brands are leaning into podcast advertising more and more. 2016 & 2017 saw brands like GE, eBay, Slack, The Intercontinental and Virgin Atlantic enter the arena. Continued audience fragmentation and on demand, demand has advertisers taking advantage of podcasting's ability to target niche audiences and meet their buyer where ever they are in this on demand world. Advertisers predict 25% annual growth to 2020.

Basic Hosting

Internet Talk Radio, Podcast Hosting
& Host Training and Development

We've seen hosts invest upwards of $30,000/year and 20 hours/week to get a podcast up and running - ouch.

With our Basic Hosting Package, we'll teach you how to manage your time effectively - imagine, only 2.5 hours including air time to get your show out weekly. With marketing, training and management you'll spend about 4-5 hours/week launching a new business. And as time goes by, we'll even show you how to tighten that up. Because time is the only real resource we have.

Premium Hosting

Internet Talk Radio, Podcast Hosting &
Host T&D with Done for You Operations

Don't have 4-5 hours weekly, you'd rather some one else handle the details. We've got you covered too. Our team will book your guests, get your content into production notes for you with guest bio, book synopsis, Q&A, research, etc. we'll also manage your marketing and social media.

You review your production notes and show up. The easiest possible way to build your following and your media library. Weekly commitment ≅ 1.5-2 hours, including your on air time.


Podcast Syndication

Already have a podcast and just want to expand your reach? We can do that too. We're happy to have you as a host partner at LiJL!

We offer our other services as à la carte options. Want social media and marketing - done. Need additional training - great. Just want a place to meet with other hosts - welcome! We'll design a package that fits your specific production needs.


You can host a podcast

So, what is the value of podcasting to your business...

Our hosts have found that having their own Internet talk radio show with syndicated podcast distribution has helped them:

  • Reach more people with your message - imagine one thousand, ten thousand or even five-hundred thousand people listening to your message each week.
  • Strengthen your communication skills - you'll learn how to speak more effectively and be able to use that in all aspects of your life and your business.
  • Develop a dedicated following by allowing people to download free content - the value of listeners who actively seek you out is tremendous, they want what you have to offer!
  • Build additional real estate you own -  creating additional places you can be found on the internet - social media is great, but your real estate is where you really influence your tribe.
  • Reach beyond your current circle of influence by interviewing guest experts - their followers tune in time and time again and YOU are the common denominator.
  • Improve SEO with articles about your shows and guest experts - when people are searching for your topics, guests or areas of expertise; you'll show up too.
  • Strengthen your personal brand by allowing listeners in to your world - when people know you, like you and trust you - they'll want to do business with you. You'll build those relationships easily and effortlessly. Without having to resort to hard sell tactics. 
  • Develop additional revenue streams while building on your foundational business - we teach 20 ways to monetize your programming. You'll do this, all while you are promoting and growing your foundational business.
  • Stand out as an expert and thought leader - You are a media personality! You'll be generating media about you and your business on a regular and consistent basis.

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Then There's...

What happens when you tell other people you host a talk show or have your own radio show. The moment you tell people that you have your own Radio Show it separates you from the pack. It establishes your presence as a thought leader and expert. It differentiates your brand. And frankly, it opens doors!

Having your own Internet Radio Show gets you past the gatekeepers, you're able to access industry experts, influencers and other thought leaders in your field. Oh, and this leverage expands into so many other arenas.

Just think about who you'd like to spend some one-on-one time with; thought leaders, industry experts, celebrities, authors, artists, speakers and political leaders - these are now your potential guests. You get to invite them onto your show, you get time to really get to know who they are and what makes them tick. Time to pick their brains for information typically made only available to their inner circle. Time to gather information that will influence not only your life but the lives of every listener that ever tunes in to that show from that moment forward. FOREVER. You get to be at the center of a ripple of change that moves out into the future - educating, inspiring, uplifting and influencing everyone that it touches.

Think about those individuals who've impacted your world - imagine being able to sit with them and share their experiences, get mentored by them, and learn their strategies for success. Imagine their cachet and social proof now extending to you - no need to imagine. It will.

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