Podcasting, What and Why

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Podcasting and live stream internet radio are two sides of the same coin. Podcasts are audio or video content which utilize software and apps such as iTunes, Stitcher, Sound Cloud and others to automatically download to the end users digital media player – smart phone, computer, etc. Simply uploading your audio or video online is not podcasting. To make posted audio and video files a podcast, the right technology needs to be in place to allow automated content downloading and syndication.

Podcasting becomes podcasting by using a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. This is the technology used in subscribing to blogs. RSS is familiar because you’ve seen the icon in web browsers, blog and news sites.

Lots of podcast sites let you listen or watch right from the website without having to subscribe, download or sync anything. Getting familiar with a few podcasts will help you understand the reach, value and influence of podcasting. LiJLNetwork.com is a fabulous place to find, host and maintain podcasts.

We’ve learned that not all podcasts are created equal in terms of audience, goals, production or the ability to monetize. We’re often asked by clients and fellow entrepreneurs, “Should I start a podcast?”

Podcasting on the surface seems pretty straightforward, simple even. Record audio, upload it to iTunes and you’re good to go. The reality of producing a podcast is that there are more steps than people realize. Which is exactly why LiJL Network has professional staffing, a team of experts and a host development program – as well as done for you options. We want you to do what you do best – share your expertise and experience, we’ll manage the rest for you.  (shameless self promotion)

So, back to point – Why you want to be podcasting in your business

It’s your real estate

In this digital arena, where you are connecting on social media with your established, new and potential customers – you are essentially playing in someone else’s sandbox. Yep. Theirs. Not yours. They control EVERYTHING. They change things – remember all that free play and exposure Facebook used to provide your business. Remember when they didn’t own Instagram… see my point.

It doesn’t matter what the next best social media wonder is, they will use you with free exposure to build their foundation. Then, when they can monetize through manipulating algorithms they will. That’s how they stay in business and it’s good business. So, for you to do “good business”, you’ll want to start in their sandbox and move your audience to your real estate ASAP. Where you reign supreme. OK, maybe not reign supreme, but, you’ll control your content and its distribution. Totally worth it.

When it comes to podcasting, it’s mostly a vacuum out there

Despite the numerous benefits and the relative ease of podcasting, few businesses are actually doing it. Even fewer are doing it right. By including podcasts in your content-marketing strategy, you’ll get leverage that helps you stay ahead of your competitors. Again, social media = sandbox = everyone vying for attention at once. Podcast = every one (your listeners) paying attention to you.

When there are a more brands and businesses vying for audience attention in the online space, it’s pretty clear that the standard of content marketing may no longer be enough. You’ve got to be different to be heard. In podcasting, you’ll speak to your audience directly, in your own voice, your own words, podcasting helps you connect with your audience on a deeper and more personal level. You’ll get your listeners to the KTLTB (Know-Trust-Like-Try-Buy) in less time – much less time.

With podcasting, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination

If you think that podcasts are for one-way communication with your audience, you’ve got a pretty limited imagination. Hey, I just call ’em as I see ’em. So, what else can you do?

  • Share your ideas with your audience in so many different ways with podcasts – I’ve shared my lectures, training materials and musings.
  • Review products and services – whether as a paid sponsor or as a non-paid satisfied/dis-satisfied consumer, I’ve done both.
  • Invite an expert or thought leader to be a guest on your show – I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing NYT Best-Selling authors, HayHouse speakers and other thought leaders I’ve followed for decades personally. They’ve been on my programming as featured guests.
  • Include your travels – I’ve broadcast from hotels, a month long road trip, and a cruise ship.
  • Market your products, programs and services in a way that builds trust and loyalty – I’ve filled seats in 90 days in high end events that used to take me a year to fill.
  • Address events that impact you on a personal and social level, thus making an impact on the world at large – I’ve interviewed thought leaders and shared their views and mine in ways that bring me to tears when the feedback comes in – good tears.

Looking to create new streams of income, podcasting can provide numerous ways

  • Sponsorship
  • Commercial advertising
  • Host testimonial
  • Paid infomercial style interview
  • Digital products

And the list goes on – I have identified and utilized 21 specific ways to make money podcasting. Yes, I am profitable in my programming. So much so that in the first 90 days I recouped my initial investment on 1 hour of weekly programming and invested in 5 hours weekly. By applying the same strategies, I was actually profitable on the 5 day launch two weeks prior to the launch. My five day/week programming was so successful, 9 months later, I launched a fully articulated internet radio station with podcast optimized marketing. Get my FREE REPORT 21 Ways to Make Money with Your Podcast 

Want more speaking gigs, try podcasting

Since podcasting, I’ve been invited to share my expertise on tv, terrestrial radio, internet radio, expert summits, on stages, as a keynote speaker, and on audio & video podcasts. There are weeks that I have three to four speaking opportunities that I will commit to while declining the same number or more. BTW, side note – I’m shy and a natural introvert. True story.

I have a very casual style that is easy to relate to. I share my life in my work and that helps my listeners connect with me. And while I spoke publicly in my corporate job, many years ago, I did it with dread and hated every minute of it. I was decent at it because my job depended on it. But, I would vomit before and after – sometimes a little during – TMI?

Remember I’m shy and an introvert by nature. I had to work myself up to make presentations, trainings and lectures. Not just because of my nature, mostly because I wasn’t in love with the content, I wasn’t passionate about the presentation. With podcasting, I’m doing what I love – sharing what I’m passionate about – spending time with those who inspire me. Yeah, that’ll make you jump outta bed in the morning, shouting, “Let’s do this!”

Ultimately, podcasting has helped me become a better communicator. Because I am sharing what makes me happy – what brings me joy. If you want to build your business, you need to up your game. Podcasting will make that a part of your evolution. There’s nothing stopping you but fear. Go, start podcasting. I’m sure it will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make for your business.



Now You…

What do you think? Do you see a way that podcasting can build your business? Have you started a podcast? What benefits have you seen? What would you do differently if you had to do it over?  Leave your comments and questions in the space below.