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You want business success and brand exposure, launch a podcast

At LiJL Media we specialize in live internet radio with podcast optimized marketing for our shows. What that means is you have a dedicated producer/sound engineer whose primary job is to manage your live programming, so that you as the host and your guests just have to show up.

Producers take care of your live programming for you; from contacting you and your guests before the show, to providing timing cues for commercial breaks, to running prerecorded commercial files — they handle it all. Your producer will then take your show’s sound file, optimize the sound and production quality, then convert it to an mp3 file. Once converted, your producer will upload it to your dedicated page on our hosting site and release it to distribution outlets like iTunes – all done for you. And as a host partner on LiJL Radio Network we’ll even help you with all of the following planning and implementation.

And if you insist on going it alone, LiJL Media Mentors are here to help when you are starting your show/podcast. Which is why we’ve put together these helpful resources for you. Just remember that launching a podcast is similar to creating a website or blog; it requires planning, content, distribution, measurement and promotion.

Planning Your Podcast

When planning, consider what your content will be about, what the goals are for your podcast, how your content, logos and branding will reinforce your objectives and fulfill your vision. You’ll need to decide on your basic website theme, colors and feel (casual, whimsical, serious, etc.)


  1. Identify your content, format and goals
  2. Create logos, branding, website theme and feel

Podcast Content

The core of every good podcast is good content. Whether you’re creating audio and or video, the content production will be your most time consuming and important task. This crucial element is the difference between your podcast being a valuable product and a vanity or pet project.


  1. Identify the media format (audio and/or video)
  2. Pick the tools and software necessary to create the media format selected
  3. Create a first episode, or introduction episode

Podcast Distribution

Podcast distribution is how your media will be shared and syndicated to your audience. This includes a website (a WordPress site is recommended), media hosting (separated from your website) and syndication via RSS feeds. You’ll want to use sites like iTunes, Stitcher and Libsyn to get more exposure for your podcast.

WordPress is recommended for podcasting for a number of reasons. First, podcasting is an audio based extension of blogging. A blog post with media associated to it is a podcast episode. With WordPress being the most dominant, user friendly and free blogging platform today, it makes perfect sense to use WordPress for your podcast website.


  1. Website for your podcast
  2. Hosting service for your podcast media
  3. Syndication for your podcast (such as PowerPress plugin for WordPress)
  4. Publish your first episode

If you are using WordPress with PowerPress, simply create a new blog post. Upload your media to your media hosting company, then enter the media URL into the PowerPress episode entry box in the edit post screen. Then setup your RSS feed to your distribution sites – following their instructions as each will be vastly different.


Measuring the success of your programming is critical. There are three ways you can measure this success: via media download statistics, web statistics and audience surveys.


  1. Media download statistics (there are many plug in options to choose from)
  2. Web statistics (Google Analytics is free and easy to add to a WordPress website)
  3. Audience survey (SurveyMonkey is a free platform that can be easily integrated into your site)

Podcast Promotion

Promoting your podcast is the only way to get your podcast into the hands of the masses. I keep hearing about “organic reach” as being the gold standard for growth. To that I say – bullshit. Yep, calling BS. The thing is, unless someone accidentally downloads or finds your podcast, loves it and comes back – then tells 175 of their friends and the process is repeated. A true rarity. You’ll have to promote – advertise – and market your show to get the momentum going. It’s how we build the platform for all of our shows and how our top performers hit hundreds of thousands of downloads each and every month.


  1. Add your content to as many directories as possible (iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn, etc.)
  2. Come up with a social media strategy (for example, use YouTube, Twitter and Facebook)
  3. Attend conferences and trade shows that complement your content and genre
  4. Set up a mailing list / newsletter and regularly send news and information to your subscribers
  5. Consider using traditional marketing techniques such as Google Adwords

Whether you decide to partner with us or you want to go it alone, LiJL Media Mentors wish you much success.

Now You…

What do you think? Which podcasts do you listen to? Have you started a podcast? What benefits have you seen?  Leave your comments and questions in the space below.