Podcast Marketing and Internet Radio Can Change Your Business

podcast hosting

Podcast, Internet radio, marketing and content – what do they all have in common…

Our hosts find having their own Internet talk radio show with syndicated podcast has helped them in many different ways.

  • Reach more people with your message. Imagine one, ten even five-hundred thousand people listening to your message.
  • Strengthen your communication skills. You’ll learn how to speak more effectively and be able to use that in all aspects of your life and your business.
  • Develop a dedicated following by allowing people to download podcasts. The value of listeners who actively seek you out is tremendous, they want what you have to offer!
  • Create additional real estate you own. Social media is great, but your real estate is where you get to influence your tribe. Otherwise, you’re playing in someone else’s sandbox and are at the mercy of their rules.
  • Reach beyond your current circle of influence by interviewing guest experts. Their followers tune in time and time again and YOU are the common denominator.
  • Improve SEO with articles about your shows and guest experts.  When people are searching for your topic, guest or area of expertise; you’ll show up too.
  • Strengthen your personal brand by allowing listeners in to your world. When people know you, like you and trust you; they want to do business with you. You’ll build those relationships.
  • Develop additional revenue streams while building on your foundational business. We teach 20 ways to monetize your programming, all the while you are promoting and growing your foundational business.
  • Stand out as an expert and thought leader. YOU OWN A RADIO SHOW! You’ll generate media about you and your business on a regular and consistent basis. Stop waiting to be discovered and start getting noticed.

The time I fell in love with a podcast

I actually fell in love with the live radio aspect of the programming first. The podcast was a necessary marketing aspect of the project. And frankly, now it’s the one that I now lean into a little more heavily – because I understand the intrinsic value of having a marketing tool that has evergreen potential.

Traditional advertising “Once its run, it’s done.” With a podcast, “Once its run, it’s just begun.”

I looked at the podcast as a 1 hour marketing event – commercial – for my business regardless of who or what I was sharing on air. There was always one constant, me. Position the conversation correctly, as a natural part of the content shared and you have content based marketing.


Now You…

What do you think? Where have you been spending your marketing resources? Have you found an evergreen marketing option you’re already using? What benefits have you seen?  Leave your comments and questions in the space below.