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Internet radio and podcasting to build business

Internet radio was never on my radar. And yet, here we are. With 30 million listeners each year. We want you to join us in this venture. Live internet radio and podcast marketing are the sweet spot for creating content, building business and making more money – without ever leaving the house… if that’s what you choose.

Oh, the places you’ll go… Think national – global even. Spend some time with us, have a little fun and maybe learn a few things. Oh, The Places You’ll Go… (AL)

Internet radio inspiration

In business and in life, we’re always seeking inspiration to keep us motivated. This Dr. Seuss classic reminds us we have choices to make and action to take. Your success will always reflect your actions – be bold, make shit happen and find what you need to keep moving forward.

Inspiration comes in many ways and ours is to help you make a bigger difference in the world. We’ve shared many stories, experiences and lessons on our station. We want yours to be the next one.

We want you to succeed at Internet radio and podcasting

Check out the site, read some of our content, try our samples and freebies. Our goal is to give you what you need to succeed in your business and your radio programming. When you’re ready for more, there’s

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Now You…

What interests you about Internet radio and podcasting? What else do you use to promote your business?  Tell me your favorite inspirational. Leave your comments and questions in the space below.