Who's listening to LiJL Network?

  • 85% Female
  • 87%  35-65
  • 100% English Speaking
  • 69% College Graduate
  • 65% Full-Time Employed
  • 61% Household Income 75K+
  • 63% Married
  • 81% 3 Person Household
  • 83% Homeowner

What are they listening to LiJL Network on?

  • 91% Connected to the internet
  • 55% LiJL Website
  • 32% iTunes
  • 47% Computer
  • 29% iPad
  • 17% iPhone

How many are listening to LiJL Network?

72,521,193 Podcast downloads since our launch in August 2014.

Cumulative podcast downloads by end Q1 2017

What's the "average podcast listener" doing?
AKA What are all the cool kids doing?

  • While Fifty-six percent of podcast listeners are male and 44% are female, podcast listening is on the rise for both genders.
  • They are wealthier, savvier consumers. 2017 statistics indicate that podcast listeners are affluent, well-educated, tech savvy and connected.
    • 31% of podcast listeners have attended grad school or attained an advanced degree, compared with just 20% for the general population.
    • Forty-one percent have incomes of $75K a year or more.
  • Sixty-nine percent of podcast listeners click on a podcast and listen immediately, 73% listening within 48 hours of downloading. Making your ad messaging relevant and timely for podcast listeners.
  • Podcast consumers subscribe to an average of six podcasts per month with an average weekly listening time of 5 hours.
  • Eighty-eight percent listen to most or all episodes, making them a very loyal market.
  • They are mobile, listening on iPhone, Android, iPad and other handheld devices.
    • Forty percent listen while biking, running or walking.
    • 46% listen while traveling.
    • Fifty-two percent listen in the car.
  • In general, listeners are involved online more than the average consumer. They are actively engaged and are very likely to react to what hosts recommend as they've already built trust with their audience.
  • Podcast listeners are a highly targetable audience, hosts can integrate your brand into the content of the show. Segment topics can even revolve around your brand. Your investment in learning among our listeners will have a correlating payoff in purchasing power.
  • Of podcast listeners surveyed, sixty-one percent report buying something they heard about on a podcast ad.




 How did you choose me?

LiJL Network has research staff dedicated to identifying industry leaders and professionals with a high level of expertise including: speakers, authors, business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, athletes, entertainers and generally awesome people, like you.

How many shows will I do?

It all depends on what results you want to achieve. We actually have a few options within our options.


Good Results
This is a 12 week commitment within a consecutive 3 month period and may not represent 12 live/recorded shows based on host and holiday scheduling.


Better Results
This is a 24 week commitment within a consecutive 6 month period and may not represent 24 live/recorded shows based on host and holiday scheduling.


Best Results
This is a 48 week commitment within a consecutive 12 month period and may not represent 48 live/recorded shows based on host and holiday scheduling. 

The station is dark on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day, prerecorded shows may be run on those dates and are booked on a first-come, first served basis if you choose not to run an encore.

Will there be a cost?

Yes, there is a cost involved to produce a show. However, we must first determine if your show ideas and content fit the profile we generally look for in someone to be host on LiJL Network. With Network approval, you and your dedicated Executive Producer will discuss the business arrangements associated with hosting a show.

Do I need to go into the station, build my own sound studio or other expensive equipment?

Nope, stay right where you are. You'll likely be able to broadcast from there. We've invested in state of the art recording equipment so you don't have to. It lives in our physical studio in Tyler, Texas, our host are located throughout the country.

As long as you are in a place where you'll have no distraction and little interference (crying children, dogs barking, marching bands, etc.) you'll do great. Some of us have broadcast from hotels, cruise ships, conventions and other fun places.

As far as equipment goes, you may want to invest in that as you go. Quality makes a difference. However, you can start with just a plain old landline phone or a good internet connection, computer, Skype and a headset or mic combo. We'll share our tips and tools with you too.




 What do podcast host packages include?

Basic and Premium Host Packages Include:
  1. Dedicated daily or weekly live airtime on LiJL Radio Network
  2. Encore broadcast of your live show 12 hours after original airing
  3. Professionally recorded audio promo, intros, outros & bumpers for your show
  4. Professionally recorded, custom music composition, licensed to you for your show promos/commercial
  5. Insertion of promotional and commercial audio advertising and ad banners
  6. Promotion of your show within LiJL Network, our sister networks and social media
  7. Custom online audio player for distributing your show
  8. Dedicated producer/sound engineer on state of the art equipment, ensuring CD quality broadcast and recordings
    1. "Clean Up" audio editing available**
  9. Production management of your show, coordinating:
    1. Host
    2. Guest
    3. Live callers
    4. Chat room participants
    5. Commercial breaks
    6. Ad insertion
    7. Timing
    8. Time stamping as directed.
  10. Production of up to 4 prerecorded shows*
  11. Production management of encore and prerecorded - broadcast as live shows
  12. Conversion of live show audio file to podcast file & RSS feed transfer to iTunes
  13. Hosting and maintenance of your current shows on LiJL servers for term of agreement
  14. Hosting and syndication of prior show files for term of agreement
  15. Podcasts are the property of  show host - you own your content.
  16. Sponsorship and advertising control
  17. Toll-free number for US guests/callers, Skype outside the US
  18. Live chat room
  19. Branded webpage for your show
  20. Custom guest/episode page
  21. Custom on demand library page
  22. Comprehensive host training

* You may add additional units to your package based on availability - per unit rates apply, ** Hourly rates apply

What's included in podcast host training?

  • Website review
    • Positioning you to convert traffic
  • Social media
    • Identifying the best market to market your show
    • Automating to best manage your time
  • Marketing
    • Building your platform
    • Creating marketing materials and launching them
    • Automating to best manage your time
  • Guest procurement
    • Researching, contacting and booking guests
    • Production notes for shows
    • Automating to best manage your time
  • Monetizing your show
    • Sponsors, Advertising and commercials
    • 12 other ways we generate income on our programming
  • Vocal coaching
    • You'll be clear, confident and compelling
    • Care for your voice
  • Broadcasting basics
    • Equipment
    • Preparation

As a podcast host, what will I have to do?

  • Choose your show name and launch date for the show to begin
  • Provide the host and content for each show
    • We provide an automated scheduling program for you
  • Provide content for our webpage
    • Promos and banners
    • Logo
    • Head shot
    • Bio
    • 2-3 paragraph show description
  • One minute commercial script
  • Website and social media URLs (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.)
  • Call in/be available to receive call at the prescribed time in advance of each show
  • Maintain your landing page
    • Promotes you, your guests, your web & social media sites
  • Actively participate in host development program
  • Provide recorded commercials seven days in advance of launch

And we'll work with you through every step, making sure you get exactly what you need.

By choosing Premium Hosting, what will I have to do?

  • Select your show name and launch date for the show to begin
  • Provide the host 
  • Provide content for our webpage
    • Head shot*
  • Call in/be available to receive call at the prescribed time in advance of each show
  • Actively participate in host development program

* Or you can choose to use our recommended photographer in the Los Angeles area.