Podcast Marketing and Internet Radio Can Change Your Business

podcast hosting

Podcast, Internet radio, marketing and content – what do they all have in common… Our hosts find having their own Internet talk radio show with syndicated podcast has helped them in many different ways. Reach more people with your message. Imagine one, ten even five-hundred thousand people listening to your message. Strengthen your communication skills.…

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Podcasting, What and Why

podcasting for profit

Podcasting and live stream internet radio are two sides of the same coin. Podcasts are audio or video content which utilize software and apps such as iTunes, Stitcher, Sound Cloud and others to automatically download to the end users digital media player – smart phone, computer, etc. Simply uploading your audio or video online is not podcasting.…

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Podcast Launch

launch a podcast

You want business success and brand exposure, launch a podcast At LiJL Media we specialize in live internet radio with podcast optimized marketing for our shows. What that means is you have a dedicated producer/sound engineer whose primary job is to manage your live programming, so that you as the host and your guests just have to…

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