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Our Approach

Single Internet Talk Radio Station - Not Afraid of Commitment, Seeks Dedicated Host Looking to Make an Impact on the World, Must Like Sharing...

LiJL Talk Radio Network is dedicated to Live Internet Talk Radio with Podcast Optimization for reach and marketing. We create and distribute innovative talk radio programs for our millions of engaged listeners worldwide.

And we're looking for host partners. We want your success to  impact others. We want our success to impact our hosts, guests and listeners. It's not just a philosophy it's a way of life around here. Sound intriguing? Read on...

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Steps to becoming a host on LiJL Radio Network

We thoroughly vet new hosts, considering their programming concepts based on a number of factors. If you are interested in hosting a live internet talk radio show on Lessons in Joyful Living Radio Network, your first step is to pitch us your concept by speaking with a production team member; Executive Producer, Station Manager, Program Manager and on occasion our Founder.

Your phone interview allows us to evaluate you as a potential host. We'll assess your current business platform, goals and needs. We will also discuss important program details and business arrangements related to the initial 12 week series.

If your concept meets our criteria, you'll then be asked to submit a Show Proposal in writing. Your proposal will then be reviewed by the Network. If your show is accepted by the Network, your Executive Producer will put together your host contract with LiJLNetwork. Your show will then enter our four to six week pre-production process prior to its launch.

Our Story

This journey started in 2012 with a desire I had to share my voice, my vision with a larger audience. But, I didn’t want to have to travel or put on lipstick to do it.

In January 2013, I launched a live radio show that is podcast optimized. What that means is we broadcast live radio, then rely on the internet –through our station LiJLNetwork.com, social media and iTunes for example - to share that digital content with the world.

Within a few short months I'd had such tremendous growth I moved from weekly broadcasting to daily… I couldn’t have imagined the next step if I tried. My show was getting over 100K monthly downloads, It was making a difference in so many lives and I wanted to share that format, that process, that system with others. Somewhere around my one year anniversary we announced the network in its planning phase.

We Have Millions of Monthly Listeners!

In August of 2014 we launched a full fledged radio network! And our growth has been spectacular – we closed out last calendar year with over 30 million podcast downloads for the network - for the year, not cumulatively! So, while I’m in this moment of gratitude and awe, I want to say THANK YOU to our hosts, guests, production team, support staff, family, friends and listeners for allowing us to share our voice and vision with the world.

Kimberly Rinaldi
Founder LiJL Network

Meet the Team

Kimber Temp

Kimberly Rinaldi

Founder & Fearless Leader
Brings humor to all things and glitter. Definitely glitter.

Launched her first business at a.19, spent 20 years in corporate process improvement while concurrently running her businesses. Serial entrepreneur, success coach and cheerleader for women in business.

Jen Temp

Jen Stowe

Provides the glue that holds the glitter to our projects. 

Spent a good deal of her career in Fortune 500 corporate gigs. Is a balanced individual who teaches launching, leading and leveraging, in everything she does. Entrepreneur, success coach, and advocate for women in business.


Nancy Clackler

The One with the Adding Machine
Keeps track of and pays the bills for all the glitter we go through.

Over 30 years in finance, bookkeeping and business management. Projects the what-if's we must consider. Keeps us out of trouble with that eye on outcome. Entrepreneur and mentor for women in business.


5 Hosts and Support Staff

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