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Podcasting is the evergreen marketing solution your business needs today

Live Internet Radio with Podcast Syndication
for Optimized Reach and Marketing Return

You probably have a specific audience you want to reach. And chances are they're out there, right this very minute, actively seeking the information you have to share. My question for you is, will you reach them before your competition does?


Lessons in Joyful Living is an Internet Talk Radio Network that offers you the opportunity to expand your voice, visibility and reach.


Let's say you have a website or two, and you're blogging, or you've written a book, maybe you're using social media to connect with clients, you might even be speaking or you've gotten yourself listed in different promotional websites. That's fabulous! I love hearing that you're aware of your digital footprint. Now, I have another question for you. Are you engaging thousands of clients each week? And if you are, how are you influencing them? Is it tangible? Do they really know who you are, what you're about and why you do what you do? Or do you feel like the best kept secret in your industry? 


Without a huge marketing budget and dedicated staff, how are you going to connect with your target audience by the tens or hundreds of thousands each week? What are you doing to hold their attention? Did you know Eighty-eight percent listen to most or all episodes, making them a very loyal market. The ability to access "on-demand" programming makes this a loyal and actively involved market. 


Hosting an Internet Talk Radio Show with Podcast Distribution and Syndication will allow you to expand your voice and vision in a big way. You'll share your expertise, your experience, your knowledge, your passion, opinions and even your hobbies and lifestyle with your listeners. And podcast listeners are involved online more than the average consumer. They are actively engaged and are very likely to react to what hosts recommend as they've already built trust with their audience. Podcast listeners are a highly targetable audience, as a host you'll integrate your brand into the content of the show. Segment topics can even revolve around your brand. Your investment in learning among your listeners will have a correlating payoff in purchasing power within your brand.

Create products and evergreen marketing...

We'll show you how to do it at the same time!

Your conversations about -  Dating · Relationships · Love · Marriage · Sex · Parenting · Health · Wellness · Medicine · Alternative Health Care · Beauty · Aging · Self Help · Education · Diet · Exercise · Cooking · Nutrition · Business Development · Entertainment · Travel · Leisure · Lifestyle · Gardening · Fashion · Home Design · Clearing Clutter · Inspiration · Spirituality · Religion · Philosophy · Sports · Hobbies · Retirement · Pet Care · Organizing · Leadership · Sales & Marketing · Personal Development · Money · Consumer Trends · Culture · Art & Literature · The Paranormal · Women's Issues · anything else you can imagine - are valuable to your business.

Let's Make Marketing Easy for You

You already do something of value as a:

  • Coach
  • Author
  • Blogger
  • Teacher
  • Speaker
  • Advocate
  • Consultant
  • Spiritual Adviser
  • Health Care Provider
  • An Expert at what you do

You have experience, expertise, thoughts and opinions about:

  • Business Development - marketing, finance, social media, employee management or law, etc.
  • Personal Development - behavior, counseling, healthcare, wellness, sex, exercise, diet, etc.
  • Spiritual Development - alternative healing, metaphysical studies, philosophy, religion, etc.

Don't have a business to market? Then you want a legacy show!
Let's e
xplore your interests or share your passion for all things:

  • Art
  • Pets
  • Travel
  • LGBTQ+
  • Political
  • Retirement 
  • Lifestyle Blogging
  • Glamping or Tiny Houses
  • Just about anything else you can think of... we'll help you find your audience!

Live Internet Radio
with Podcast Hosting
Is Evergreen Marketing Genius

Build Your Platform and Your Business
Bigger Reach, Greater Influence with Less Effort

"I doubled my income after
doing a guest host series. So, now I've
Launched Soul Centered Solutions."

— Monica Lorraine 
Soul Purpose Astrology

"I was able to promote my book and my business. I've had a full schedule since. "

— Dr. Linda Marquez-Goodine
Premier Health & Welless

"I'm making money from my hobby now!"

— Kitty Jost-Janust
Into the Light Paranormal


As a podcast host, you are a brand and an influencer. Advertisers are looking to place products and ads within brands that consumers trust. The brand is, in this case, the podcast host. Companies of all sizes are looking for individuals to promote their products in a way that feels authentic rather than selling. Podcasting is essentially content based marketing. As a podcaster, you'll focus on not only growing your audience downloads, but your influence over your podcast audience. And that influence is what companies are willing to pay for.


In 2014, most podcasts were being listened to on a computer, which restricted consumption windows. With the majority of podcasts now being listened to on a smartphone or tablet, the need and drive for quality "on demand" audio content is growing. Listeners gravitating toward podcasts on the go opens up opportunities for consumption, in the car, at the gym, and other computer-free environments. Now is the time to jump in to podcasting.

2017 Podcast Listener Trends